Double Oh 3.14 :MISSION COMPLETE!!!

on Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hours of work.
Days in front of a computer.
Mornings and evenings spent filming.
Weeks spent annotating and editing.
Hundereds of mistakes.
Just as many corrections.
A truck load of great memories made.

Here it is just in the nick of time!

The Adventures of Double Oh 3.14!

Use the sidebar to navigate around. We hope you enjoy!!


Anthony said...

Lol so funny! Mary can't run xD. Well done guys!

Anthony said...

LOL nice vids xD, I have a question with the 4th vid. It said certain things happened when they didnt happen in number 3 xD? Error?

Anonymous said...

haha you're imagining things anthony 8-)

Anthony said...

yea my bad... videos were secretly hidden xD

dkuropatwa said...


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