on Friday, May 29, 2009

Here it is, the long awaited JOURNEY FOR THE BLOCK OF WOOD!


Harley said...

Hi Benofschool, Jamie, and Zeph,

What a wonderful framework for your project--the block of wood and the Calculus Crusaders!!!!

The characters were terrific and engaging. You really caught my attention in the "last leg" section when you said "we are our own best teachers." What insight!!!

Your thoughtful and comprehensive reflections lead this reader to think that despite the time needed to create your presentation, the group process and the assignment were instrumental in deepening your understanding of certain concepts. Have I got that right? I'm wondering too -- of what importance was your collaboration; how critical was it in contributing to your success and deepened understanding?

Kudos on your project,

Lani said...

Apologies!! So sorry; the new blogger doesn't let me know until too late that I'm signed in as Harley-- Lani

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